Are e-checks a safe way to pay for travel?

As she paged through Viking River Cruises’ glossy brochure one recent afternoon, Diane Moskal noticed a new way to save money: If she booked the Waterways of the Tsars itinerary sailing from Moscow to St. Petersburg with something called an e-check, the cruise line promised to knock $100 off the fare.

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Ground transfers are supposedly included in Robert Brown's Viking River Cruise. But he supposes wrong, and now he's being asked to pay extra for them. Is that right?

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Why can’t you change the name on your airline ticket?

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When Michelle Rothstein tries to arrange a special side-trip for her husband before a Seine river cruise, their company nixes the idea. It insists the family arrive when everyone else does -- no exceptions. What's more, it won't communicate with their travel agent. Can't it bend a little rule?