A $500 voucher for a missed riverboat cruise? You’ve gotta be kidding!

Some cases are resolved quickly. Some aren’t. Sheila Drezner Freedman’s problem with Tauck dates back to February 2010, and although the high-end tour operator thinks it is closed, she’s still fighting.

Road trip update: Rome wasn’t meant to be seen in a day, but …

Since when has that stopped us from trying? We checked out all the major sites in the Eternal City yesterday, including the Forum, Colosseum, Pantheon and the Spanish Steps.

Can this trip be saved? The guest canceled — so who covers the refund?

Suzanne Cohen runs the Santa Barbara Adventure Company, a tour operator that offers kayaking trips in California's rugged but breathtakingly beautiful Channel Islands National Park (no, that's not hyperbole; check out our coverage from last year if you don't believe me).

Can this trip be saved? She didn’t make it to Marrakech after all

Here's another reason to double-check with your tour operator before you take off.

Case dismissed: No refund for my canceled Middle East vacation

Here's another cautionary tale -- as if we needed one -- on the dangers of choosing an interesting destination for your next vacation.

Is this enough compensation? They canceled my Egypt tour, but all I get is a credit?

When an airline cancels a flight, you're entitled to a refund. When a hotel turns you away, you get your money back. Same thing when your cruise is canceled or your car rental company doesn't have the vehicle for which you prepaid.

Can this trip be saved? They paid for 8 but they traveled with 12

Have you ever returned from a trip and said to yourself, "That could have gone better"? John and Betsy Salunek did earlier this year, when they got back from a tour of Israel with Gate 1 Travel.