Is there a car rental toll conspiracy?

Maybe I got it wrong when I concluded that car rental companies are just trying to help customers by offering "optional" toll payment services with their cars.

Wow, those car rental tolls can really add up!

It cost me $27.10 in tolls and fees to make the round trip between the Orlando airport and my home in Winter Springs, Fla., in a rental car last month.

Cashless toll roads, another hazard for car renters

Think of it as an invisible road hazard.

Is this a scam? Help, I’ve been forced to rent a transponder

Here's a question about a possible scam from reader Candice Sabatini. She's noticed that an increasing number of toll roads and bridges no longer have toll booths -- you either carry a transponder or pay a fine.
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One-way toll surprise leads motorist down windy road

As far as surprises go, the one Michael Benson encountered on his drive from Breezewood, Pa., to the Ohio border was small but annoying: an extra $3.90 charged by the Pennsylvania Turnpike. But what followed was anything but small. When he tried to find out about the mystery toll, he was given the runaround by Turnpike authorities.