What’s wrong with the TSAs gun obsession?

Maybe the TSA hasn’t ever caught a single terrorist red-handed, but it’s given us something almost as good: guns. Lots […]

3 reasons the terrorists are laughing at us now (thanks, TSA)

Nothing will wipe a grin off your face faster than a squad of Navy SEALs fast-roping into your anonymous compound from a Black Hawk. But while Osama Bin Laden is dead and gone, and unable to mock America's clumsy efforts to protect its planes from our Homeland-fueled fantasies, his disciples are more than capable of laughing at us.

Is the TSA coming for your iPad?

It happened again last week: A TSA agent was formally charged with swiping yet another iPad from a passenger.

Claim denied on a terrorism technicality

Diane Gandara cancels her vacation to New Delhi after the terrorist attacks in Mumbai. But her insurance company won't honor her claim because she wasn't visiting Mumbai. Is the $7,300 she spent on her trip lost?