Air New Zealand, Spirit Airlines to merge? [NSFW]

Of course not. But their advertising departments appear to be run by the same person. How else do you explain Rico, the trash-talking puppet who is featured in two new Air New Zealand ads.

Two airline sites hit “reboot” — but is it for the better?

I usually leave the stories about site redesigns to my capable friends over at Tnooz, but during the last 24 hours I've caught wind of two airline site upgrades (at least that's what they're calling it) that could affect your next trip.

Airline strike: “What is their responsibility?”

I've been getting quite a few questions like Joyce Fishman's lately. She's afraid her airline is about to go on strike, leaving her stranded.

LaHood on Spirit’s carry-on baggage fees: “We’re gonna hold the airline’s feet to the fire on this”

Spirit Airlines' decision to begin charging passengers for carry-on luggage -- and lowering some fares to a penny -- has caught the attention of the federal government, as many predicted it would. In part one of our exclusive interview with Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, we talk about fees, consumer protection and the future of airline service