Southwest’s Laraba says booking glitch “neither the experience nor the impression we hope to leave with our customers”

At this hour, the likely culprit in this weekend's Southwest Airlines fare-sale drama is a faulty database, which triggered an excess of 10,000 double-bookings. You've read the horror stories. I asked Teresa Laraba, the airline's senior vice president for customers, to explain what went wrong and what customers should do if they're affected.

Ridiculous or not? “Low cost” airlines that cost more

When David Simon wanted to fly from Milwaukee to Fort Lauderdale, Fla., he assumed “low cost” airline Southwest would offer the lowest fare.

Is this enough compensation? My Rapid Rewards expired and I can’t get them back

Rachel Cabarcas's timing isn't the best. No, not because she has an expired awards problem she's sharing with us today, but because if she'd waited a little longer, then this probably wouldn't have been a problem.

Frequent flier program changes you can root for

If you’ve ever asked what the fuss over frequent-flier programs is about, then you know that the answer can be complicated.

Weekend survey: Do maintenance problems make you reluctant to fly?

Do Southwest Airlines’ recent maintenance problems, which led to widespread aircraft inspections, make you think twice about flying? If you’ve […]

  • Buh-bye, bag fees? What the Southwest-AirTran merger really means for passengers
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    Buh-bye, bag fees? What the Southwest-AirTran merger really means for passengers

Buh-bye, bag fees? What the Southwest-AirTran merger really means for passengers

This morning's big news -- some observers have even called it "shocking" -- is that discount carriers Southwest Airlines and AirTran Airways are headed to the altar in a $1.4 billion merger.

Are baggage fees turning us all into Southwest passengers?

One of the most compelling arguments against excessive luggage fees is that they were actually hurting the airlines' bottom line -- that by adding these extras, travelers were turning to carriers like Southwest and JetBlue, which don't charge for the first checked bag. But it turns out that's not true.
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