The Travel Troubleshooter: Sick in Puerto Vallarta — does my hotel owe me anything?

Daniel Vosburgh is afflicted by a mysterious illness while he's in Mexico. His hotel isn't answering his complaints, but he thinks he's entitled to either a refund or credit. Is he?

Too sick to fly — how about a refund?

Gary Garretson has end-stage liver disease and won't be able to use his airline tickets. Why can't US Airways give him a refund? After repeatedly being turned down, Garretson turns to the Travel Troubleshooter for help.

Taken to the hospital against her will — who pays the bill?

Sue Burgess began to feel sick on a Southwest Airlines flight from Phoenix to Albuquerque earlier this year, and after a rough trip in which she filled several barf bags, she was sent to a hospital after the plane landed. She's fine now -- turns out she had the stomach flu -- but there's the small matter of a $9,000 hospital bill.

Too sick to travel? When to put yourself on the no-fly list

For Carol Margolis, it was an almost-ruptured eardrum.

Should British Airways follow its own ticket rules? It’s not brain surgery — oh wait, it is brain surgery

If you're holding a nonrefundable airline ticket, the rules are clear: You can get credit, valid for a year from the date of your booking, by informing the airline before your trip. That's what British Airways' ticket rules say.

Confessions of an infected airline passenger: “The most miserable six hours of my life”

We’ve been hearing a lot lately about the dangers of flying with the flu, and the airlines’ refusal to loosen […]

Flying sick? 4 tips for surviving your trip

Why would anyone get on an aircraft while in the throes of a contagious, debilitating viral infection? Maybe the question should be: Why not?
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