Did Lufthansa “steal” her laptop computer?

lufthansaStacey Tappan claims Lufthansa stole her laptop computer, and she wants me to help her get it back.

Before I get to her story, let me acknowledge that terms like “stealing” and “theft” can mean different things to people. We’ve seen that in several recent stories, and sometimes, we have to agree to disagree.

But Tappan stretches the definition of stealing, even for me.
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Email of the week: “We’re currently investigating to ensure other customers do not have the same experience”

This slot is normally reserved for complaints, since that’s pretty much all I get on this site. But every now and then, a company will actually read a grievance and respond.

That’s what happened with FedEx last week.

On Tuesday, I wrote about the worst unsubscribe screen ever. It was actually a series of three screens that forced me to surrender all kinds of personal information before I could finally get off the FedEx mailing list.
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