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    Can you handle the truth about shrinking airline seats and baggage fees?

Can you handle the truth about shrinking airline seats and baggage fees?

“I am so tired of consumer reporters complaining about the size of the seats on a plane,” an email from […]

Is it time for minimum airline seat standards?

It’s not your imagination. Airline seats are shrinking.

“Thanks for nothing”

People often mistake this site for one of those concierge services, thinking that I’ll fight every case regardless of its […]

We gave up our seat on Spirit but they gave us nothing

Sarah Dragswiek and her family give up their airline seat in exchange for a promise of a refund and a voucher for a new ticket. But when the airline refuses to keep its word, what can they do?

No “comfort” seat on TAM — and no refund

Nathan Pearson and his son are bumped into two uncomfortable airline seats on a 10-hour flight from Brazil back to the United States. And now the upgrade fee they paid is missing in action. Will they ever see that money again?

What to do when your lie-flat seat doesn’t lie flat

OK, I'll admit that I poke fun at the "entitleds" behind the curtain as much as the next guy wedged into one of those sardine-class airline seats.

Kicked off the plane for having a few pre-flight G&Ts

While Mike Murray waited with his two nephews and cousin in the first-class lounge to board his United Airlines flight from San Francisco to Washington, he consumed three gin and tonics in two hours.