Can Sears save my Easter dinner?

Lynn Contino can’t cook Easter dinner because Sears can’t install her stove. What will she tell her guests?

Stuck with a pair of shoes – and confused about Sears’ refund policy

Olga O'Hara wants to return the shoes she bought at Sears.com, but she's getting mixed signals from the company about how to do so. Is she stuck with her purchase?

Where’s my Sears.com refund?

Elizabeth Smith's Sears.com refund is missing in action. Can anyone find her money?

Argh! This damaged freezer is making me come unhinged

Alex Schuler’s new Sears freezer is damaged by a technician. Is she entitled to any compensation for the botched delivery service?

What’s your problem? Sears “oven insurance” didn’t cover my range

When Anthony Guglielmo buys a Kenmore oven from a Sears outlet, he finds the range doesn't work as expected. He'd like Sears to replace it -- after all, he bought "insurance" to cover it -- but the retailer has other ideas.
By |November 14th, 2011|OYS|15 Comments|
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