It’s time to tell the TSA what you really think of it — and for it to listen

Travelers love to complain about the TSA, and even though the agency assigned to protect America's transportation systems claims to listen, most of us know better.

Is there a better way to screen airline passengers?

If you look enviously at the TSA Pre-Check line whenever you're at the airport — where pre-cleared air travelers breeze through the checkpoint without having to be scanned, remove their shoes or face a humiliating "enhanced" pat-down — then join the club.

Sorry, but the TSA still wants to scan you

Don't look now, but the TSA's full-body scanners are alive and well.

How to kill the TSA’s full body scanners — once and for all

It started like it always does, just a few moments before I arrived at the airport. Except this time, the symptoms felt exponentially worse.

What do you really know about the TSA?

When it comes to the TSA, you may know less than you think.

Why does everyone hate the TSA?

The story had a familiar ring to it. It involved a group of soldiers returning home from Afghanistan. They were carrying weapons, including rifles, pistols and at least one M-240B machine gun.

The Insider: Read this before your next TSA screening

Want to get through the TSA screening process as quickly and painlessly as possible? Sure you do.