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    They’ve redefined an airline ticket – it’s time to fix that

They’ve redefined an airline ticket – it’s time to fix that

OK, here’s an easy question: What’s an airline ticket?

It’s time to tell the TSA what you really think of it — and for it to listen

Travelers love to complain about the TSA, and even though the agency assigned to protect America's transportation systems claims to listen, most of us know better.

Speak out now on the TSA’s full-body scanners

It’s been almost five years since the Transportation Security Administration quietly began installing its so-called Advanced Imaging Technology (AIT) — better known as full-body scanners — at airports nationwide. And now the government wants to know what you think of the machines.

Where’s the outrage?

I have just one question in the wake of the Transportation Department's so-called "historic" rulemaking on airline passenger rights.

Are the government’s new airline consumer protection rules good for passengers?

After months of comments and deliberation, the Transportation Department this morning released its final consumer protection rules for airline passengers. […]

Air travelers, let your voices be heard

The federal government is giving travelers an extra month to comment on proposed new consumer rules for airline passengers.

Airline passengers get a chance to be heard on proposed regulations

If you've ever complained about air travel -- and who hasn't? -- then here's your best chance in a generation to do something about it.