Should airlines charge more for a seat assignment?

Sometimes, when a traveler asks for help, your best response is to listen.

Have hotels taken their fees too far?

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Amtrak takes a page from airlines, raises luggage fees

Amtrak is raising its luggage fees on Sept. 10, the national rail carrier disclosed on its website today.

How to be a travel blogger: And now, a few words about money

Let's talk about money.

Ticketmaster on hidden fees: “We get it” — is the travel industry next?

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By unbundling, airlines make a bundle

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A losing fight? Airlines earned $10 billion from fees last year, up 345 percent

My friend Addison Schonland said it best: Anyone who thinks baggage fees are going away is living on another planet. And as if to underscore that point, IdeaWorks has released a survey that shows ancillary revenue is up 345 percent from 2006, to an eye-popping $10 billion last year.