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    Why my critics get the silent treatment (and why that’s good for you)

Why my critics get the silent treatment (and why that’s good for you)

People take swipes at me all the time.

The attacks range from mildly critical (like questioning my “insider” knowledge of

American customers have it bad – but here’s how it can be better

Did you know that when it comes to customer satisfaction, the United States falls short of the top 10, behind Russia, Poland and Chile? That the worst industry for service is social media? Or that the worst time to contact customer support is after 6 p.m.?

Is Target’s price-match guarantee an empty promise?

Ben Blout thinks Target will price-match his holiday merchandise. Target has other ideas. Who is right?

Everyone else has “brushed us off” — should I, too?

Usually, when multiple parties tell you that you don’t have a case, there’s something to it. So when Mary Kay Kachikis wrote to me about a Quality Inn in Washington that she claims “negligently” misrepresented itself, I have to admit — I was a little skeptical.

Is it too hard to get an airline ticket refund?

When John King's mother dies, he asks American Airlines to refund her ticket. Instead of sending the money, it emails him a series of form letters. What should he do?

The truth about TSAs lines — and lies

PR disasters are nothing new to America's least-loved federal agency. But after a particularly bad week, it's worth paying attention to how the agency reacts when things go horribly wrong.