Help, my water heater is a lemon!

Andre Klass’s water heater is plagued by constant failures. Who’s responsible for this malfunctioning appliance, and can it be fixed?

Uh-oh, my Google Nexus is DOA

No one seems to care that Michael Rudolf’s Google Nexus doesn’t work. Can this device be saved?

Why won’t Jaguar repair my failing brakes?

The brake light on Irene Sherman’s pre-owned Jaguar is flashing on and off, but the fix is proving to be […]

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    I sent my laptop to Fujitsu and that’s the last I heard from it

I sent my laptop to Fujitsu and that’s the last I heard from it

Robert Walker’s laptop is missing in action. Can I rescue it?

Help, my Lenovo laptop is cursed

Santosh Thakur’s laptop is plagued by problems. He wants Lenovo to take it back. Why won’t it?

Help! Dell is holding my “hot” computer hostage

Geri Bain's "hot" computer is missing in action. Why won't Dell repair it? And why won't it return her laptop?

Would you rent a car from this company?

You don't have to read this site every day to know that fraudulent car rental damages are a big problem, at least as far as customers are concerned. If you're a car rental agency, you might call it something different, ranging from "no problem" to "profit center."