On the losing end of a Hotwire car rental gamble

Maggie Wilsin was just looking for a deal on a rental car in Rapid City, SD, recently. But she found more than she bargained for on Hotwire.

The online travel agency offered her a rate that looked too good to be true: just 41 cents a day.

That’s no typo. Forty-one cents.
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Her luck ran out on this Irish car rental

Is Tricia Kalinowski getting ripped off after a single car accident in an Irish rental?

Dollar doesn’t think so, but she does. I’ll let you decide after you’ve read her story.

Kalinowski’s case comes to us from our help forums.

As always, this is a case unfolding in real time and, as always, we could use a little help from you.
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Looks like this Payless customer didn’t pay enough

It’s a recurring story on our help forums:

Guy rents car. Guy allegedly damages car. Guy is asked to pay lots of money to repair allegedly damaged car — and then some.

Mickey Rory’s case is an “and then some” story. He recently rented a car from Payless, got into a little fender-bender, and then received a bill for the damage, plus a little extra.
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The incredible but true story of how hotels became vacation-rentalized

Want a hotel that feels like home? So did Kristin Stallings when she recently looked for accommodations in Florida to celebrate her wedding anniversary.

A small, pricey room, where everything felt “smashed together,” wasn’t at the top of her list, says Stallings, a loan risk analyst from Houston.

“I remembered how much I dislike middle-of-the-night door slamming, loud hallway discussions and noisy neighbors,” she adds. “More than once I’ve had to request a new room due to noise.”
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