The death of a customer doesn’t guarantee survivors a refund

Marlene Eckert was looking forward to a spring river cruise in southern France, which included planned ports of call in scenic Lyon, Beaujolais, Arles and Avignon, along with an extension to Nice. But in January, her husband suffered a massive heart attack and died.

Eckert, a business analyst from Los Angeles, asked her cruise line, Viking River Cruises, for a favor: Could she change the second passenger’s name from her husband’s to that of a friend who had also recently lost a spouse?
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Can I get a refund for this missed hotel night?

This winter was long and arduous, especially if you lived in Massachusetts. Thomas and Joyce Dresser were ready for some much-needed fun in the sun.

They booked their escape from Providence to San Juan, with a night in the San Juan airport hotel, and then they were off to Virgin Gorda.

They were supposed to depart February 21 and return a week later. At least that was the plan.
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There’s nothing “easy” about this EasyJet case

Discount airlines are dragging service levels to new lows, to hear passengers like Janet DeMeyer talk about it. As if that’s even possible.

DeMeyer and her family recently experienced a customer-service meltdown while trying to check in for their flight from Geneva to Paris.

Her story is today’s case from the front lines of consumer advocacy. And, as always, we add this disclaimer: We haven’t contacted her airline, EasyJet, for its side of the story and we’ve made no effort to verify her account yet.

We’re just trying to help her, for now.
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