Two funerals, a middle man, and a missing refund

When Cynthia Williams needed to visit her ailing stepdad in Virginia, she bought tickets on United through Travelocity. Her stepdad’s sister, her Aunt Roberta, was going to fly out with her.

Much more quickly than expected, Williams’ stepdad passed away, and Williams ended up traveling from California to Virginia sooner than planned. Unfortunately, it was not to say goodbye, but to pay her final respects at his funeral. Continue reading…

An exception to our rule leads to a remarkable refund

Remember Efren Bojorquez? All he wanted to do was take his dad to Super Bowl XLIX. You’ll recall that despite his best efforts to purchase tickets through a secondary market options scheme, ticket prices skyrocketed, and brokers selling the options could no longer procure tickets, even if they wanted to. Ticket brokers canceled their agreements with participants, keeping loads of cash, and leaving would-be game attendees empty-handed.
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