Raw fury after being shortchanged on a refund

Bobbi Ziegler’s case makes me angry.

Angry at the airline industry for the way it prices tickets.

Angry at the airline insiders, who continue to defend these indefensible practices.

Angry at the airline apologists, who think a compassionate gesture would “raise ticket prices” for the rest of us.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.
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If they resell my room, why can’t I get a refund?

Just before Gerald and Byrone LoCasale set sail on an 18-day Princess cruise from Fort Lauderdale, Fla., to Los Angeles, disaster struck. Byrone LoCasale sustained an injury that required immediate orthopedic surgery. The couple, both frequent Princess customers, reluctantly canceled the trip.

But there was good news. LoCasale, who is retired and lives in Fort Lauderdale, learned that Princess had resold his cabin. Getting credit for the $16,201 they’d spent would be easy, right? Continue reading…