I wasn’t a no-show, but my refund is

When Janet Szumlas’ flight from Phoenix to London to Oslo was delayed for five hours, she was impressed with how efficiently British Airways handled the problem. When the Szumlas’ checked in, the agent had already rescheduled the London-to-Oslo leg for them.

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A refund in process, but should we get involved?

Robert Lynch reserved a vacation rental that never materialized, and now he wants his money back. He deserves a full and immediate refund, and if he doesn’t get it, our fearless advocacy team will jump in to help him, of course.

But refunds take a while. The ability to make time move faster, or slower, is slightly above my paygrade. But eventually, he should get his money.

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The Carnival Breeze blew out of port without us

Laura Filippi and her daughters boarded their Southwest flight thinking they had plenty of time to arrive in Florida and board the Carnival Breeze for their seven-day cruise.

After all, it is just a two-hour-and-35-minute flight from Baltimore to Ft. Lauderdale. Normally, that would be totally adequate. But when their plane developed mechanical issues, the whole schedule went awry.

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