NCL takes $1,493 from a sick customer and leaves him with almost nothing — is that right?

Rob Rumohr was looking forward to his Western Caribbean cruise on the Norwegian Epic, with ports of call in Jamaica, the Caymans and Mexico.

“We had been planning a special vacation for several months,” he says. He was bringing his mother, who had been recently widowed, on the cruise.

“I needed to plan something for her to look forward to since I knew it was going to be especially difficult for her,” he says.
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A refund on a nonrefundable ticket? No – unless you’re flying on Emirates

Aflak Chowdhury asked for the impossible from Emirates. He wanted a refund on a nonrefundable ticket.

He and his wife urgently needed to move their yearly visit to his parents in Bangladesh up a few days to rush to the aid of his father, who’d had a stroke. Time was of the essence.

Negotiating with airlines is a dreaded burden no one wants, especially at times like this. Emirates didn’t have any seats on earlier flights – so he sprung for new tickets with another carrier.
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