Who has the worst customer service in America?

Will the company with the worst customer service in America please stand up and take a bow?

5 most affordable cities in America

Want to vacation somewhere inexpensive? Try Winston-Salem, N.C., which is the most affordable major American city, according to Mercer's latest city ranking. What makes the Twin City so cheap? Just about everything, according to the survey.

J.D. Power says Alaska, JetBlue are the best of the worst — but who cares?

Our friends at J.D. Power and Associates are at it again. Last week they leaked their 2009 North America Airline Satisfaction Study to a largely uncritical mainstream media. This morning, they let the rest of us have the results, in which they claim "overall customer satisfaction with airlines in 2009 has declined for a third consecutive year to a four-year low." But has it? And does that mean anything?
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