Seriously, does that Happy Meal belong on board?

When was the last time you boarded a plane knowing full well that you’d be served a delicious meal?

I’m not talking about a three-plus hour flight in first class. I’m talking about the tourist class, economy, coach — whatever you want to call it. Despite what most airlines are saying, meals onboard are skimpy; that’s IF they even exist.

So, what’s your plan to fend off hunger during a long flight?
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Is it time to ban batteries in the air?

Last week, KLM flight attendants put out a fire in an overhead compartment caused by a lithium-ion battery in passenger’s hand luggage’ on flight from Amsterdam to Bangkok.

Mobile phones, laptops and tablet computers are powered by lithium batteries.

A KLM spokesperson said the incident occurred when the Boeing 777 carrying 321 passengers plus crew was taxiing to its gate at Bangkok International Airport after flying in from Amsterdam.
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Hey travelers, do you have the right to tell someone to dress up?

Can you believe what people wear on a plane these days? You’d think an old Greyhound bus had sprouted wings by the way some people look.

Flying used to be something that only business people or the one-percenters could afford. And when they did, they dressed up. Men wore suits and ties, and women wore dresses — or at least a long skirt, a nice blouse — plus a coat or a shoulder wrap. Dressy shoes were a must.
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