Kicked off a JetBlue flight for recording a cancer patient’s expulsion

How far would an airline go to avoid another embarrassing cancer-patient-denied-boarding incident? Ask Steven Leslie, a passenger on a JetBlue Airways flight last week — just as Alaska Airlines landed in the news for expelling a sick passenger.

Shortly before a scheduled flight from Albuquerque, NM, to New York, Leslie found himself a row away from a family being quizzed by a crewmember about their child’s medical condition. The boy had cancer.

“The cancer patient was deemed too sick to fly by the airline crew and was removed from the aircraft,” he says. “I recorded this incident on my smartphone.”

That didn’t go over well with the flight crew, he says.
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Secret cell phone plans could save you 50 percent — so why are carriers embarrassed by them?

It’s fun to watch the wireless carriers struggle to keep their prices sky-high while still dipping into the “low end” of the market.

It’s quite a contorted two-step.  

It requires downgrading certain phones and services, or otherwise hampering them from working at full efficiency to make a low-value product, but also creating an arm’s length sub-brand so as to not tarnish the main brand (or offend customers who are paying double and triple the price).  
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How Sprint recovered from this keyboard catastrophe

Bethany Tully likes to feel the sensation of pushing a button on her phone. But what happens when the button doesn’t push back?

A long-time Sprint customer, Tully’s third Android model in a row with mechanical keys died an unceremonious death. No one at the local Sprint store would help her.
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What to do about phone systems that treat us like idiots

Why do companies design Interactive Voice Response systems that treat their customers like idiots?

The systems, commonly called IVRs, let computers interact with humans through the use of voice and touch-tone input using the phone keypad. They’re also referred to as automated telephone switchboards and call centers.
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