Why does customer service still suck?

We can probably all agree that there are few things more frustrating than sitting on hold with customer service — except maybe navigating the customer service phone system in the first place. Between automated menus, voice-activated options that never work, and seemingly unnecessary transfers from agent to agent, I’m usually discouraged from even calling in the first place.
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AT&T can’t help you — NEXT!

William Leeper has been an AT&T customer for 11 years. So when he fell into some hard times and asked them to work with him on his bill, he expected them to help him out. It didn’t go quite as he had hoped.
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What to do about phone systems that treat us like idiots

Why do companies design Interactive Voice Response systems that treat their customers like idiots?

The systems, commonly called IVRs, let computers interact with humans through the use of voice and touch-tone input using the phone keypad. They’re also referred to as automated telephone switchboards and call centers.
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Beware of hoaxers posing as rogue Comcast reps

It started with a message to @Comcastcares, the Twitter account for Comcast’s customer service department.

“Without a doubt the worst customer service I’ve experienced,” wrote Ryon Nishimori. “Google fiber can’t come to Nashville soon enough.”

Turns out Comcast was watching.

But apparently, so was someone else.
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