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    The rise of the insincere travel offer – and what to do about it

The rise of the insincere travel offer – and what to do about it

Before Brenda Galindo retired to Winterville, N.C., Continental Airlines made her a promise: The frequent flier miles she’d earned from […]

Warning! These “free” travel offers can really cost you

The travel industry is infatuated with the word “free,” and face it, so are travelers. Don’t believe me? Then feel […]

A little disconnect on Sprint’s discount offer

Sprint promises Jennifer Thomas a discount, but it doesn’t come through. Can she force the phone company to honor its […]

Did United Airlines overcompensate this passenger?

Gary Wiener’s question comes along only once in a blue moon. Did United Airlines overcompensate him after a recent flight […]

In 2014, beware of the word “free”

How dumb do they think you are?

The unauthorized guide to fine print, holiday edition

When Ben Blout invoked a big-box store's "low price promise" after discovering a lower price on his merchandise, he learned something customers rediscover every holiday shopping season: some restrictions apply.

Verizon won’t honor its “Triple Play” gift card offer

Steve Schuster signs up for Verizon service after it offers a bonus of $200 in prepaid Visa gift cards. But the plastic is never delivered, and now Verizon is refusing to pay. What now?