Booking an airline ticket online for the holidays? Read this first

Here's a cautionary tale for anyone buying an airline ticket for the holidays, and a little advice: Pay attention your bank account balance. And be patient.

“If these aren’t tickets then how did I get out here?”

Picture this: You're on your honeymoon in Morocco. When you check in for your flight back to the States, a gate agent insists there's something wrong with your reservation -- and forces you to buy a new set of tickets.

Airline baggage fees are refundable — and here’s how

Remember "no waivers, no favors," the onerous post-9/11 policy that prevented airline employees from bending the rules? You'd think that with the advent of new baggage fees, we were looking at a sequel to the "no waivers" policy. Not so.

Christmas air travel warning: avoid Minneapolis, JetBlue and Northwest Flight 189

If you're making air travel plans for the Christmas holiday, you'll want to check out these numbers from a new site called Airport Butler. A review of last year's on-time data by the airline statistics company suggests you might want to avoid flying on JetBlue, Northwest or going anywhere near the Minneapolis airport.
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