Why the #%@** doesn’t my power outlet work?

The auxiliary power outlet in Robert Mitchell’s rental car doesn’t work. Was it intentionally disabled, and if so, why wasn’t […]

Charged $1,341 for damage I didn’t do

Theodore Mariano's rental car has a scratch, and although his rental company promises it won't charge him for the repair, it does. Did the scratch exist before he picked it up? Maybe.

Should I settle this damage claim with National?

Mike Kay needs your help.

Who’s responsible for this bump in my bumper?

Chris Benzinger has a problem with National Car Rental. The company sent him a surprise repair bill, but it isn't telling him what he did to deserve it.

Maybe I should have taken a picture of my rental car

Carrie Finegan's rental car has a dent on it, and the company wants her to pay for the repair. But did she do it, or was the dent on the car before she rented it? Why doesn't the company seem to care?

The Travel Troubleshooter: Whose car rental bill is this, please?

Months after Dan Anthony’s truck rental, he gets a repair bill for $750. But he didn’t do it, and now the car rental company is threatening to refer his case to a collections agency if he doesn’t pay up. What are his options?

The Travel Troubleshooter: A dropped car rental claim that returned

Timothy Taylor gets an unpleasant surprise in the mail after returning his rental car: A claim for $2,000 in damages. He didn't do it, and his car rental company agrees, but after agreeing to drop the matter, it reverses course. Can it be talked out of this wrongful claim?