What does Marriott owe me for a reflagging nightmare?

When Donna Larkin booked a room at the Hotel Ashbourne Marriott near Dublin last year, she had no way of […]

How much is your stolen property worth? Who can say?

Theft happens. Even at a hotel with a sterling reputation, like Marriott.

Is this enough compensation? How much is that fat-finger mistake worth?

Gretchen Kenney thought the $232 a night rate at Marriott's Ko Olina Beach Club was pretty darned good, considering that Marriott's own website showed the same two-bedroom unit at $589 a night.

The Travel Troubleshooter: Help! I’ve been ‘walked’ to a motel

Karen Johnson gets some bad news from her hotel just before she checks in: There’s no room for her. Instead, she’s sent packing to an inferior motel, and when she complains, she’s mailed a form response. Now what?

The Travel Troubleshooter: Two extra kids equals a 200-euro surcharge?

Surprise! Marriott demands an extra 200 Euros when Hari Doraisamy and his family check into the Brussels Marriott. The reason? He’s traveling with two kids. Does he have to pay?

The Travel Troubleshooter: Help! I paid twice for my all-inclusive vacation

Esther Mikula thought she booked an all-inclusive hotel in Aruba. But when she checks in, she discovers that the rate doesn't include food, beverages and activities, as promised. Now she has to pay extra. Is she owed a refund?

The Travel Troubleshooter: Oh no, my hotel rewards have been downgraded!

When JJ Mortensen tries to redeem her seven-night hotel award at Marriott, she’s given some bad news: The certificate has been downgraded to a 25,000-mile credit or a five-day certificate. That doesn’t seem fair to her, but Marriott won’t respond to her appeals. What now?