This summer, airlines takes “ridiculous” to the next level

Just when you think you’ve heard it all, you hear from someone like Stewart Sheinfeld, a reader from Chicago who is flying to Morelia, Mexico, on the discount airline Volaris.

Spirit’s Baldanza: “We don’t force customers to pay for services they don’t want or need”

Spirit Airlines is at it again -- first denying a dying war veteran a ticket refund, then announcing it would raise its fee for carrying a bag on its flight to $100. Passengers are outraged. A Facebook petition to boycott the carrier is gaining momentum.

Who’s really to blame for these absurd luggage rules?

Just the mention of the words “baggage” and “rule” in the same sentence is enough to raise the blood pressure of the average air traveler.
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    American Airlines left my luggage in the rain but won’t cover damage

American Airlines left my luggage in the rain but won’t cover damage

Alexandra Wensley's chances of getting American Airlines to cover her laundry bill were better than average.

If luggage fees are wrong, who pays?

Carla Stewart believes she's flying from Madrid to Cancun on Air Europa, and that her luggage fee is 60 Euros per bag. She's wrong on both counts, and has to spend 500 Euros to transport her luggage on another airline. Who is responsible?

TSA lost my hat — how do I get it back?

Bill Marcolongo lost his hat when he was flying from Philadelphia to Anchorage last year. Or, more to the point, he thinks the TSA lost it.

When revenue-hungry airlines play “chicken” with passengers

Here's a decision most of us will have to make the next time we fly: Should we splurge for a "premium" seat in economy class -- an aisle or a window seat -- or leave it to chance, and possibly end up in a middle seat?
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