“Frequent flier programs have become a monkey business”

Another day, another disgruntled frequent flier. And another claim that loyalty programs are a scam.

This one comes to us by way of Efrin Knight, who, like many loyal air travelers, once believed that loyalty programs were — well, loyalty programs. That’s if you were loyal to an airline, it would be loyal back.
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United Airlines gets it dead wrong (but it’s still right)

Margaret Sheppard and her husband, Don, were loyal United Airlines customers. They flew United whenever they could. They also spent using their co-branded MileagePlus credit card, an account they shared.

So when Don passed away, Margaret Sheppard assumed that transferring the remaining 48,000 miles into her name would be little more than a formality.

It wasn’t.
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Are loyalty programs a fool’s game?

Today is Frequent Flier Appreciation Day, better known as April Fool’s Day.

At least that’s the way hundreds of thousands of disillusioned United Airlines Mileage Plus members see it after their program was unceremoniously devalued last month. One of them is Ben Lawrance, who, for more than a decade flew on United or one of its Star Alliance partners “almost exclusively” to build and maintain his elite status.
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