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    Don’t get bent out of shape – buy one of these iPhone cases

Don’t get bent out of shape – buy one of these iPhone cases

The blogosphere is abuzz with news of the latest iPhones that bend and break. But there’s a fix.

AT&T promised me a free iPhone — or did it?

Tomas Stockton is offered a "free" iPhone 5 from AT&T. So why isn't he getting it?

Sprint said it would unlock my phone – did it break its promise?

Sprint promises it will unlock Bill Fuller's iPhone. Why won't it?

Help, I’ve reached a dead end with my Verizon iPhone

No matter what Jim Howell tries, he can't seem to get his Verizon iPhone to work. Should the wireless carrier let him out of his contract?

#Nophone day three: less talk, more action

Today was not a day for talk. Today was the day for action.

5 almost free iPhone apps you absolutely must take on your next trip

There are more than 50,000 iPhone applications out there, accounting for over a billion downloads. Hard to pick just a handful to take on your next trip, isn't it? No worries.

What happens when a million iPhone 3Gs units hit the road?

You get this: Video uploads to YouTube from mobile phones jumped 400 percent in a week. The mobile video revolution has begun. And no one will be more affected than travelers.