Please, no more car rental surprises!

When you rent a car, all you really want are the keys and reliable directions, thanks very much. No surprises.

But a surprise is exactly what Theresa Speake says she got when she rented a car in Cancun, Mexico, recently.
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Leave the island any time? Not this time

Rebecca Taillon planned a milestone 50th birthday getaway to celebrate at St. Lucia’s upscale Jade Mountain resort. She felt confident because she was flying on LIAT — you know, as in, “Leave Island Any Time.”

But for her, it didn’t turn out to be any time.
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Help! My travel insurance didn’t work like I thought it would

One of the most common answers to a travel problem is: You should have bought insurance. I’ve said it and chances are, you have too.

And it’s true — except when it isn’t.

Consider what happened to Janice Zatarain, who bought a travel insurance policy through Travelex to cover her family trip to Europe. She, her husband and her son would be flying from San Francisco to London and Paris.
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