Will travel insurance cover my missed tour?

Carolyn Cluff's husband is injured in Portugal and he misses part of his tour. Now their travel insurance company is balking at paying their claim, even though their policy should cover them. How does she persuade the insurance company to reconsider?

“I would really appreciate it if I could get my tickets reimbursed”

Jennifer Shin is mad at US Airways -- so mad that she's created a Facebook page urging others to boycott the airline and launched a social media campaign to bring attention to her cause. Actually, it's her father's cause.

Can this trip be saved? Flight attendant spills boiling water on my hand

Tea time didn't go as planned for Star Rivera.

From the front lines of the carry-on crisis: “I have been experiencing severe pain and dizziness for days”

Next time you fly, look up. Before you open that overhead bin, think about Shari Altarache and the injuries she says she sustained on a recent flight.

Where are my airline vouchers?

After Myron Sigal's wife is injured on a Mediterranean cruise, the Sigals can't make their return flight from Venice to Philadelphia. US Airways promises them a voucher for the unused portion, but months later, there's no sign of it. Is the money lost?