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    My wife is in intensive care — what about her airline ticket?

My wife is in intensive care — what about her airline ticket?

Thomas Hinrichs’ anniversary plans are derailed by a medical emergency. Can he change the name on his wife’s ticket and […]

Is this enough compensation? Bumped from a flight and we missed our connection

JetBlue flight 686 from Washington to Boston was delayed by a few hours on April 13, which wasn't a big deal to most of the passengers. Except to Lonn Waters and his girlfriend, who planned to catch an Icelandair flight to Keflavik, Iceland, later that evening.

Can this trip be saved? Icelandair’s ESTA snafu strands 18-year-old in UK

Carrie LaMarr is steamed at Icelandair. Because of a misunderstanding over her son's visa requirements, he was denied boarding on a flight this summer. He had to stay in Europe two extra days and pay another $905 to fly home.

My airline’s giving me the cold shoulder

Jessie Lourey books seven tickets on Icelandair's Website. Then it tries to bill her twice and cancels her tickets. If she wants to rebook, the new tickets will cost her $100 more -- apiece. Meanwhile, there's still a $6,897 charge on her credit card. What now?

“I missed my entire trip because my plane was delayed”

Glen Segal didn't make it to Reykjavik. He'd paid $2,628 for a one-week vacation package to through Icelandair that included accommodations at the Hilton Nordica. He'd even shelled out an extra $200 for Access America trip cancellation insurance. But in the end, none of that mattered.

“The representative asked me if I had been drunk when I booked the flight”

If there's just one thing we've learned this week, it's that alcohol and booking travel don't mix. And just in case you had your doubts, here's yet another case in which booze may -- and I stress the may -- have played a role, at least according to the airline.