Can someone please help save Viviane Tran’s honeymoon?

Viviane Tran and her husband are flying from Washington to Tokyo on US Airways for their honeymoon in April. They’ve scraped together 240,000 Dividend Miles for the occasion to splurge for first-class seats.

And then they received the email. The one saying their flight schedule had changed. The one that threatens to destroy their carefully-planned postnuptial vacation. And they need your help fixing it — now.
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Missed their honeymoon, but whose fault is it?

shutterstock_130173155From time to time, a case crosses my desk that leaves me a little cross-eyed. Melissa Davenport’s does all that, and more.

Let’s get a few things out of the way: There’s a lot about this honeymoon-gone-wrong story that we don’t know. I’m relying on you to help me figure which missing pieces we need to collect – and ultimately, if this case is even fixable.

But based on what Davenport says happened to her daughter Amanda and her new husband, Dan, I think it’s remarkable that they’re still married.

The couple had been planning their honeymoon for a while. But life got in the way of their big vacation. The first winter after they were married, they couldn’t get away because they were still in college; the second winter, Amanda was serving in Afghanistan.

“So you can imagine the anticipation and excitement when it was finally time for them to go,” says Davenport’s mom.
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My honeymoon photos are ruined — thanks a lot, Target!

Alexey Laputin/Shutterstock
Question: I attempted to exchange a camera we purchased for our honeymoon, which turned out to be defective and ruined all of our honeymoon photos. We were told that because the camera had been on sale, and the item has since returned to its regular price that we would need to pay an additional $100 to exchange the defective item with the exact same model.

The guest services representative, loss prevention person and the team leader (who continuously told us she was the store manager) were extremely rude and condescending while informing us of this fact.
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