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We interrupt this post to bring you an important message: Consumer advocacy sites like this are not self-sustaining. Without your help, this one will shut down.
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What do Minor Trips, Scottevest and the Seattle TourSaver have in common?

It's not a trick question. You can win valuable premiums from these three companies for supporting this site and newsletter. Right now.

Elliott’s E-Mail/May 7, 2008

Given the current state of the travel industry, no one should be surprised, that more people are heading to court to settle their differences with an airline, car rental company or hotel. In this week's MSNBC column, I break it down for you. Don't forget to check out the blog posts on a wide range of fascinating topics, from fax scams in Cancun to Yellow Fever-induced paperwork problems.

Elliott’s E-Mail/April 30, 2008

It's the final week of our fundraiser, and your last opportunity to cast a protest vote against the way travelers are being treated. The travel industry wishes you wouldn't, but with four airlines in the throes of a merger that will hurt air travelers and with new fees popping up everywhere you turn, I've gotta ask: why wouldn't you?

Elliott’s E-Mail/April 23, 2008

At a time when travelers are disenfranchised like never before, becoming an underwriter of Elliott's E-Mail is a powerful statement -- an act of civil disobedience, if you will.
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