Warning! These “free” travel offers can really cost you

The travel industry is infatuated with the word “free,” and face it, so are travelers. Don’t believe me? Then feel […]

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    Get your free credit report right here (some restrictions apply)

Get your free credit report right here (some restrictions apply)

If you aren’t familiar with the “free” credit report scam, then meet Brian Youngblood. One day while he was online, […]

In 2014, beware of the word “free”

How dumb do they think you are?

There’s no such thing as “free” when you travel

Chase lied. United Airlines lied.

Is this a scam? I’ve won a seven-day cruise! (Or have I?)

Henry Baumgaertel won a free cruise. At least that what the letter he received a few weeks ago claimed.
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A la carte the way it’s supposed to be: Hotel chain offers free food to guests

Turns out there is such a thing as a free lunch.

Spring broke: 6 secrets for traveling free

If you think you can't afford your next vacation, think again. In a recessionary economy, you can score a free vacation, or something close to it. Here are six secrets that will help you travel without paying.
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