An extra day in Mexico? What’s not to love about that?

Deborah Love and her boyfriend got to feel the warmth of Mexico for an extra day in March. They had no choice. One of the many winter storms that slammed the Northeast forced the cancellation of her return flight.

They were determined to make it back. So determined that they booked their own flight the next day and sent US Airways the bill.

Now they’re trying to collect the money from the airline, and they’ve recruited our forum advocates to their cause. Details are right here.
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There’s nothing “easy” about this EasyJet case

Discount airlines are dragging service levels to new lows, to hear passengers like Janet DeMeyer talk about it. As if that’s even possible.

DeMeyer and her family recently experienced a customer-service meltdown while trying to check in for their flight from Geneva to Paris.

Her story is today’s case from the front lines of consumer advocacy. And, as always, we add this disclaimer: We haven’t contacted her airline, EasyJet, for its side of the story and we’ve made no effort to verify her account yet.

We’re just trying to help her, for now.
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