Hidden car rental fees can hurt international travelers – but they don’t have to

We’ve all been there.

You step off the plane after a long flight ready to start your vacation, find your luggage at baggage claim and stride confidently to the rental car desk.

With your prepaid confirmation voucher in hand, you think you’re ready to go. You expect to be handed the keys and ushered into a like-new vehicle that’s two sizes larger than anticipated. You know, the way it happens in commercials.

What happens instead? You’re delayed at the counter. Then you’re hit with additional, unexpected charges.
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Why has the government abandoned air travelers?

Are you old enough to remember when we had a bona fide government? When our Congressmembers worked for us?

Before the Supreme Court decided money is “speech”?

Since then, the airlines have been speaking to Congress in their favorite language: money.

We used to have regulations against those things. But then the lobbyists lured their way into our weak-willed Congress and convinced lawmakers to heavily deregulate.
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