When do JetBlue’s vouchers expire? Whenever it says they do

Christopher Parypa / Shutterstock.com
Christopher Parypa / Shutterstock.com

JetBlue is one of only a few airlines that issues flight vouchers when a fare drops after you book it, and if you use a service like Yapta, you can get notified when the price of your ticket falls.

But is the voucher worth anything? That’s what Jerry Gershner wants to know — and if I agree with his interpretation, he’d like me to help him fix it. I’m not sure if I do (or if I can) but maybe you can help me sort it out.

Here’s what happened to him: A few weeks ago, he booked JetBlue tickets for him and his wife.

“One day after I purchased these tickets, the fare dropped by $50,” he says.

He called JetBlue, which issued two $50 vouchers. So far, so good.
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Help, my frequent flier miles are gone!

jetblue snowQuestion: My 16-year-old son and I have had our US Airways miles taken away from us. He had 27,893 miles and I had 829 miles. They expired a few days ago.

I’m a single mom and recently lost my job. I’ve been overwhelmed and did not notice the e-mail that warned me about the expiration of the miles.

I called US Airways, but a representative said I was too late. I’ve been a loyal US Airways customer for years, but didn’t sign up for US Airways’ loyalty program until recently.
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When did the warranty on my TV expire? We can’t agree!

Question: Two years ago, we purchased a Vizio television based on the excellent reviews it received and affordable price. One week before the warranty expired, a vertical red line appeared on the screen. We called customer service and were walked through the process of discharging the static build up.
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Help, my AirTran tickets expired — is my money gone forever?

Talk about adding insult to injury.

Before Donna Adams was scheduled to fly from Orlando to Indianapolis on AirTran back in 2010, she hurt her back and had to cancel her trip. When she discovered her condition was a lot worse than she thought, she had to postpone the new flight she’d booked with her ticket credit.

“An MRI confirmed that I had herniated a disc in my back,” she says. “After several courses of physical therapy, chiropractic care, therapeutic massage, oral steroids and anti-inflammatory steroid injections I elected to have surgery.”
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Is this enough compensation? My Rapid Rewards expired and I can’t get them back

Rachel Cabarcas’s timing isn’t the best. No, not because she has an expired awards problem she’s sharing with us today, but because if she’d waited a little longer, then this probably wouldn’t have been a problem.

And what, exactly, is the problem? Her Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards are no longer valid, and she’d like them back.

As some of you probably know, Rapid Rewards no longer expire. But they used to.
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Shhh! Don’t tell anyone your frequent flier miles are expiring

Whenever I write anything about expiring frequent flier miles, I invariably get a comment or two from a grizzled road warrior who says: Serves ya right — you were warned!

True enough, airlines have done a much better job of trying to tell their customers when points are about to vanish. But they don’t always succeed.

Consider what happened to Karen Saper, who has been a Delta SkyMiles member nearly two decades.
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Veteran frequent flier stripped of 46,000 AAdvantage miles — are they gone forever?

American Airlines knows how to contact Mary Ann Hall. And it does. Often. She gets fare sale notices and credit card pitches from the airline regularly, which doesn’t surprise her — she’s been an AAdvantage member since almost the very beginning.

But a funny thing happened when her miles were about to expire: American said nothing. And so, without so much as a warning, 46,000 of her hard-earned miles expired.
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3 ways to avoid the newest travel ‘gotcha’

Kenneth Miller thought he had squirreled away more than 100,000 Delta Air Lines frequent flier miles, which he planned to use for a special 20th anniversary trip.

He thought wrong.

When he checked with the airline, it claimed he had no miles.

“My balance was at zero,” he says. “It turns out that even though I used to have points with no expiration date, Delta had made changes to its program, and because of inactivity on my account, my points were deleted.”
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