The dangers of dynamic currency conversion

Processing a credit card charge for overseas purchases used to be pretty simple. You swiped your card while on vacation, your bank changed the money from pesos or euros into greenbacks, and the amount you’d spent appeared on your bill. Maybe you paid a small conversion fee, but you also got a competitive exchange rate.

Not so funny money tricks the travel industry likes to play

Hold on to your wallet. Businesses don’t just want to get their hands on your cash when you’re on the […]

Exchange rate rip-offs, and how to avoid them

As Jay Berman and his wife were checking out of the Henley House in London last month, a clerk asked if they wanted to pay their bill in dollars. It seemed like a good idea at the time, because they'd avoid Bank of America's three percent foreign transaction fee.

A foreign transaction fee for a U.S. travel booking? Now you’re roaming alone

Brandy Hamill knows the importance of reviewing her credit card statement after booking a trip. If she hadn't taken a look at hers, she might have missed the strange surcharge when she booked a flight on Travelocity.