Help! Budget waited 10 months to send me the wrong bill

Laurie Goldstein-Warren rented a car from Budget last year. She traveled to a small town in New Mexico to teach a five-day watercolor workshop.

During that time, she drove it all of one-quarter mile from the hotel to the workshop building.

You can probably guess what happened next, can’t you? Ten months later — ten months! — she received a bill from Budget, claiming she’d damaged her rental.
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The price is wrong – but are you right?

My patience was running thin.

I’d picked up a pack of Flair pens at a great price to use as prizes at a junior high volunteer event. Just $4.79 per packet, according to the tag. But the Walmart register begged to differ. It displayed the price as $6.29.

Who’s right?
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Government calls out cheaters who booked United mistake fares

I’ve kept a polite distance from the latest fare-error scandal, even though readers were asking me to get involved. Something smelled wrong about those $50 first-class transatlantic tickets on United Airlines that were briefly available earlier this month.

Then again, maybe it was the character — or should I say the lack of character — of the bloggers who were urging their followers to snatch up the fares, that made me hesitate. Hackers are criminals and the people who help them are their accomplices.
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