Is this airline downgrade disaster a lost cause?

I've been struggling with this case for months and am about to place it in the "can't be fixed" file. But before I do, I wanted to run it past you.

Forced to downgrade because we paid with miles

A nonstop flight from Newark to New Delhi can be grueling, so when Eva and Yoel Haller took the 16-hour trip in February, they made sure they cashed in their award miles for confirmed seats in business class.

Case dismissed: They downgraded Dad and now they’re ignoring me

Sriram Singa paid $929 for a business class ticket from Chennai to Kuala Lumpur on Malaysia Airlines.

Are car rental companies downgrading their categories to rev up revenues?

P.J. Zornosa is a longtime Alamo Rent a Car customer. He knows what to ask for when he's renting a car, and knows what to expect. Or at least, he thought he did.

Walking down: 5 tips for avoiding the latest hotel scam

Jack Taras and his friends thought they would be checking in to the Occidental Grand hotel on the Dominican Republic’s postcard-perfect Eastern shore for Spring Break. But when Taras, a 19-year-old sophomore from Providence College, arrived at the resort, he was greeted with the hotel industry’s latest trick: he was walked down.

Downgraded without a refund

When Virgin Atlantic Airways cancels James Simon's flight from New York to London -- and rebooks him on a British Airways flight -- he's downgraded from premium economy to economy class. But his requests for a fare refund go unanswered. Is he entitled to any money back?

Virgin Atlantic breaks promise, hangs downgraded passenger out to dry

As a rule, Virgin Atlantic has an excellent reputation for customer service. But there are exceptions to every rule. James Simon is one of them.