Is this “convenience” just another scam?

I'm almost never accused of being too/em> neutral, but when I covered a type of foreign currency exchange that affects international travelers recently, that's exactly what happened.

The dangers of dynamic currency conversion

Processing a credit card charge for overseas purchases used to be pretty simple. You swiped your card while on vacation, your bank changed the money from pesos or euros into greenbacks, and the amount you’d spent appeared on your bill. Maybe you paid a small conversion fee, but you also got a competitive exchange rate.

Forced to buy car rental insurance that didn’t cover her

From time to time, a case comes across my desk that gets me turned upside-down, because it doesn’t make sense […]

Do I really have to pay for this broken windshield?

Accidents happen. Even freak accidents, like the one Jonathan Perkins experienced in his Dollar rental car. He’d rented a Ford […]

I rented a damaged car from Dollar — why should I have to pay?

William Hicks rents a car from Dollar with a ding in it. Now it wants to charge him for the damage. But it can't prove he did it. Should he pay, anyway?

A fee for lighting up in my rental? But I don’t smoke

Joe Galindo finds a mysterious charge on his credit card for cleaning his car. The company alleges he had a pet and smoked in the vehicle. But he has no pet and doesn't smoke. What gives?

Is car rental insurance a scam?

Allen Friedman says he declined the optional insurance when he rented a Chevrolet Impala from Dollar Rent a Car at Denver International Airport recently.