What’s your problem? Lost in a government maze, and I’d like a refund, please

Mary Ann Hoey thinks she's applying for the government's Global Entry program. Instead, she pays $50 for a similar program called Nexus. Now, the government is refusing to refund the fee. Can she get her money back?
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Can things get any worse for the TSA?

To say the TSA just had a bad week would be a lot like saying Muammar Gaddafi is dealing with a little opposition in Libya.

What the heck is going on with the TSA in Orlando?

Maybe there's something in the water in Orlando, but the Transportation Security Administration just can't stay out of the news there.

Department of Homeland Security to visitors: Are you a terrorist or a Nazi?

As of this month, visitors to the United States who don't require a visa must fill out a Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA). No one seems to like ESTA, which has been called expensive and unnecessary. But has anyone bothered to take the look at the actual questions on the form?

Am I in the Terrorist Screening Database?

One of the most disturbing aspects of the whole subpoena unpleasantness over the New Year's holiday is that the agents who came to my colleague Steve Frischling's home allegedly threatened to revoke some of his security clearance. I wondered if they might do the same thing to me, perhaps adding my name to the Terrorist Screening Database.

To the team of friends, allies and advisers who helped make the subpoena go away

Thank you.

Department of Homeland Security: Your subpoena “is no longer necessary”

The Department of Homeland Security has withdrawn a subpoena that would have required me to furnish it with all documents related to the Dec. 25 TSA Security Directive published on this Web site.