Yes, loyalty programs are rigged — but what are you going to do about it?

Remember how easy it used to be to earn frequent flier miles? You’d book a flight on a major airline, go on that trip, and earn miles based on the distance flown — usually one award mile for each flight mile.

It’s not that simple any more.

First, airlines added a class-of-fare bonus so that a purchased first class ticket would earn double miles. Then they started offering their own branded credit cards so you’d earn miles when you purchased your airline ticket on the card, one mile per dollar spent on a ticket on their flights. And then they upped the ante to two miles per airline ticket dollar (their airline, of course) and one mile for every other dollar charged on the card.
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How dumb does Delta think you are?

Frequent flyer points are like a drug. There, I said it. We are all addicted.

Ask anyone who travels if they don’t, in some way, collect their “drug” of choice. For me, my fix has always been Delta SkyMiles. I know the program inside and out and better than most of the people who work for the airline in any capacity or position.
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