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    Your customer data isn’t safe, but here’s how to protect it

Your customer data isn’t safe, but here’s how to protect it

Would it surprise you if I said consumers don’t believe the personal and financial data they submit to corporations is […]

The high cost of great customer service

The basics of good customer service, like courtesy and attentiveness, may be free. But great service? That’s expensive. Consider what […]

Yes, customer service really is circling the drain – here’s what to do about it

Customer service isn't what it used to be.

Maybe good airline service is possible after all

As Juanita Centanni boarded a recent Cayman Airways flight from Tampa to Grand Cayman, she braced herself for an awful travel experience.

Secrets for getting the very best customer service

It’s the proverbial man-bites-dog story for consumer reporters: an over-the-top customer service experience in which an employee goes the extra mile.

Are you a whining customer? 3 ways you can tell

No one likes a whiner.

5 times customers should say “sorry”

Ever apologized to a business? If you said "never," then maybe you don't have kids.