Does Delta really care about you? Read this before you answer

“You share, we care” the tagline on Delia Valley’s email signature reads. It concludes what, to the untrained eye, looks like a genuine and thoughtful response to a question from a customer.

That customer, Lowell Booth, has a concern about Delta Air Lines’ plans to pump fragrance into the cabins of its planes.
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Bookstores are dying and it’s your fault

Pop quiz: Can you name the bookstore chain that used to rival Barnes & Noble?

No? How quickly we forget that Borders used to be a thriving international bookstore chain. It filed for bankruptcy only four years ago.

Did I push it beyond the brink? Did you?
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A refund on a nonrefundable ticket? No – unless you’re flying on Emirates

Aflak Chowdhury asked for the impossible from Emirates. He wanted a refund on a nonrefundable ticket.

He and his wife urgently needed to move their yearly visit to his parents in Bangladesh up a few days to rush to the aid of his father, who’d had a stroke. Time was of the essence.

Negotiating with airlines is a dreaded burden no one wants, especially at times like this. Emirates didn’t have any seats on earlier flights – so he sprung for new tickets with another carrier.
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When did the Ritz-Carlton start running an airline?

Anne August and her husband never expected to lose their checked bag while flying to Paris from Boston on Icelandair. Then again, no one does.

But the Augusts never could have anticipated what would happen next. Not only was the bag found quickly, but Icelandair immediately compensated them right at the terminal above and beyond what’s customary.

When did the Ritz-Carlton start running an airline?
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Is It ever OK to lose your cool with a company?

Steve Adams is a patient man.

You have to be when you’re a 2nd through 12th-grade basketball coach. But Adams’ recent experience with his uniform vendor tested the limits of his tolerance.

By day, Adams is the vice president of a fire and life safety solutions company. By night, he runs Triumph Basketball in Dallas, a basketball club with over 350 players on 38 teams, and 11 coaches. Last fall, Adams interviewed five uniform vendors and chose Lids.
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