Keurig revives this customer with a new espresso machine

Stuck with a pricey, yet dead, four-year old espresso machine, Kelley Gary reminded us of the importance of just being nice.

After calling Keurig customer service to see if they could help her get the machine to make coffee again, futile attempts to revive it indicated it was time for a new one.

But they took care of Gary in a big way, and then some.
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What happened to “the customer is always right?”

The text came from my wife Michelle: “Next article for you: customer service in Dallas stinks!”

Her frustration came on the heels of visits to three stores. At the first store, things were going well until the computers crashed. Thirty minutes later, with little communication from the cashier and no apology, the transaction was finally finished.
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Confessions of a Starbucks squatter

Starbucks began offering Wi-Fi to customers in 2002. Back then, there was a charge for the connection, but it provided for a comfy place to work, peruse the Internet or even shop. In 2008, they upgraded guests to two hours of “free” wireless access with each purchase and charged for additional time. In 2010, the connection became unlimited.

That’s when the squatters started to show up.

These are folks who take advantage of that “free” Wi-Fi. Some buy nothing. Some buy very little.

The problem? They stick around for quite a while, occupying a table while others have to stand around, waiting for them to finally leave.

I admit it: I’m a Starbucks squatter.
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