What happened to “the customer is always right?”

The text came from my wife Michelle: “Next article for you: customer service in Dallas stinks!”

Her frustration came on the heels of visits to three stores. At the first store, things were going well until the computers crashed. Thirty minutes later, with little communication from the cashier and no apology, the transaction was finally finished.
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Confessions of a Starbucks squatter

Starbucks began offering Wi-Fi to customers in 2002. Back then, there was a charge for the connection, but it provided for a comfy place to work, peruse the Internet or even shop. In 2008, they upgraded guests to two hours of “free” wireless access with each purchase and charged for additional time. In 2010, the connection became unlimited.

That’s when the squatters started to show up.

These are folks who take advantage of that “free” Wi-Fi. Some buy nothing. Some buy very little.

The problem? They stick around for quite a while, occupying a table while others have to stand around, waiting for them to finally leave.

I admit it: I’m a Starbucks squatter.
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Why has the government abandoned air travelers?

Are you old enough to remember when we had a bona fide government? When our Congressmembers worked for us?

Before the Supreme Court decided money is “speech”?

Since then, the airlines have been speaking to Congress in their favorite language: money.

We used to have regulations against those things. But then the lobbyists lured their way into our weak-willed Congress and convinced lawmakers to heavily deregulate.
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A sneak peek behind the scenes at this site (and what I’ve learned from working here)

Writing and producing this site may look easy, but it’s not.

You already know that delivers a wide range of online consumer-relevant content every day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

It’s all in a day’s work — but who’s counting?

Well, we are. If you’re currently a subscriber to our volunteer newsletter, you already have a little insight into how an empty web page morphs into this. But there’s more.
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A FedEx delay and a frantic search to save a limb

What do bone, tendon, and cartilage have to do with Federal Express?

A lot, as Erica Becker, a surgical operations coordinator from Aurora Sinai Medical Center in Milwaukee, will tell you.

Her story is about a transplant tissue shipment gone awry and FedEx’s last-minute recovery that saved someone’s knee.
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