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    The three kinds of hospitality you’ll encounter on the road

The three kinds of hospitality you’ll encounter on the road

I’m writing this at the end of a long road trip through France, Germany and Italy, a journey on which […]

What they don’t want you to know can hurt you

For several years, I've operated a customer service wiki, an underground website which contains the names, emails and addresses of company executives who can help consumers like you.

How to stop the customer service apocalypse of 2014

When you spend most of your waking hours advocating for consumers, it's easy to lose your sense of perspective. Complaints pour in, often hundreds per day. I can't help but feel like the customer-service apocalypse is imminent.

The real reason legacy airlines are awful

Because they can.

3 reasons social media matters more than you think

It's true, social media fatigue is starting to set in across the Internet.

The art of persuasion: 5 things you can say to get better service

It isn’t the horse that makes the wagon go. It’s the carrot you put in front of his nose.

Are you being fed a line? 5 secrets for breaking through the script

Talk to me. That's all customers like you want when they call a company. They want someone to talk to them.