Are you ready for a terrorist attack at sea? Is your cruise line?

It happened in San Bernardino, Colorado Springs, and Paris. But what if terrorists decided to strike at sea?

On any given day, cruise ships packed with thousands of passengers are plying the open ocean or calling at ports all over the globe. Given the recent uptick in violence, how vulnerable is the cruise industry to an act of terrorism?
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And now, the comeback

This week’s most popular stories involved cruise ship passengers being dumped at a foreign port because of medical problems.

I’m not surprised. I think these problems resonate with you because you’re curious about the comeback. Did they make it home safely? Did the cruise line ever compensate them? Were they just stuck?

I’m curious, too.
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10 dirty secrets cruise lines don’t want you to know

What comes to your mind when you think of taking a cruise on a big ship? Romance, excitement, entertainment, pampering, good food, rest and relaxation? You may actually realize some of these dreams, but there’s a dark side to cruising that you should definitely know something about before setting sail.
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