Are cruise lines doing enough to protect their passengers?

Pat Busovicki’s Eastern Caribbean cruise on the Carnival Dream almost ended in a nightmare.

Does she deserve a refund for this Princess cruise?

Lindie Wilhelm and her sister didn’t wait until their recent Princess cruise ended to “escape completely,” as the cruise line […]

Can I get a refund for my river cruise to Ukraine?

Shortly after Jack and Pat Davies book a river cruise to Ukraine, the country begins to fall apart. Can they […]

Cruise lines take a hard line on refunds

Tragedy struck just as Ira Birnbaum and his wife prepared to set sail along Alaska’s scenic Inside Passage on Norwegian […]

Would you sign this confidentiality agreement?

Viking Cruises’ Imperial Jewels of China tour hits all the highlights of the Middle Kingdom, including Shanghai, the Three Gorges, […]

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    Yes, $859 is lower than $766 — you got a problem with my math?

Yes, $859 is lower than $766 — you got a problem with my math?

If you think you can beat a travel company at its pricing game, then meet Ron Faul.

Hey JetBlue, that’s no way to start a cruise!

Michele Kelly’s recent Alaska cruise got off to a bad start, and she blames JetBlue Airways for it. First,

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