PayPal punished, but will consumers get justice?

Whenever you hear about one of those big-deal, multi-million-dollar settlements involving a federal agency and a misbehaving company, the news probably makes your eyes glaze over.

In most cases, nothing really bad happens to the company — they just have to give back their ill-gotten gains, and maybe pay a small (for them) fine. But behind these slightly boring stories are tales of real pain and struggle — sometimes thousands of them, sometimes millions of them.
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Hey travelers, are these new chip cards a “joke”?

The way Americans spend money is on the verge of its biggest change in decades, but the drumbeat of doubters continues to get louder.

New chip-enabled credit cards are slowly getting into consumers’ hands in advance of a looming deadline later this year. But a Walmart executive said U.S. chip cards are a “joke,” and a new report examining other countries’ changeovers suggests criminals around the globe merely switched tactics and kept right on stealing from consumers’ accounts.
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