In Europe, all you have to do is ask

John and Jeanne Vesty traveled on board the all-business class airline La Compagnie between Luton, United Kingdom, and Newark, back in June. When the crew encountered mechanical problems on the ground in Luton, the carrier canceled the flight.

The French airline, which operates a fleet of two Boeing 757 aircraft, didn’t have a replacement jet to operate the flight, so the trans-Atlantic flight was rescheduled for the next day.
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Home Depot keeps cooking

William Leeper hauled his new $404 GE kitchen range home himself from the local Home Depot only to find some of the external metal damaged right out of the box.

Returning or exchanging the range was no trivial task, even if Home Depot took responsibility. How would he be compensated for the aggravation and time?

Before Leeper could consider the answer, Home Depot made it right — and then some.

Leeper has a knack for happy endings when things go awry with a new product purchase, and was the subject of a similar previous story about Kiwi polish.
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