I’ve heard your comments and here’s what I’ve done

Wow, what a week it’s been! First, a little good news: After an internal site redesign, which optimized some databases […]

Which comments system should we use?

Yesterday we opened up a discussion about the rules of engagement, and our moderation team is carefully weighing your feedback. […]

Changing the rules of engagement (for the better, let’s hope)

It’s been an interesting few months for this site. Late last year we introduced a crew of volunteer moderators and […]

How much freedom can you handle?

I'm setting you free today.

A few very important comments about your comments

Thank you.

Psst! Here’s the secret to a successful travel blog

Editor’s note: This is the final installment of my series on becoming a successful travel blogger. Here’s part one, part […]

Bunny Lady vs. TSA, Deep Throat gets choked up, and a comment about comments

I won't bury the lede, as they say in journalism: After yesterday's poll that asked if asking I should continue using polls on this site, I feel as if I have a mandate.